india 1 India Mission of Churches of Christ

The India Mission is our oldest outreach mission here at Highpoint Christian Church. It started when missionary Ralph Harter (from Highpoint) went to serve as a young man in 1947 during the Second World War. Ralph’s mission work was in and around Kanpur City in northeast India about 200 miles south of Nepal. Ralph got married around Christmas of 1949, but the life of a missionary was a great sacrifice and Ralph’s wife wanted to go back to USA. Ralph chose to continue to serve the Lord in India and his wife left him and returned to the States.

Amar was brought up by the American Missionaries in a mission school, where Ralph used to come to preach. Once Amar was old enough, Ralph brought Amar to Kanpur City in 1984, and they worked together doing the Lords work until 1997. After a full life of serving the lord for 50 years away from his family in India, Ralph returned to the States in 1997.

Amar and wife Neeru and family continue the mission to this day through great risk of government oppression and great personal sacrifice. Over the years support from other churches has decreased, but by the grace of God the gospel work continues. Amar is currently recovering from a Monkey attack and subsequent fall where he broke his ankle. Amar is asking for prayer for the immediate need to replace their current 16 year old car, which is being banned by the government. The approximate cost of that type of vehicle would be $4000 to $ 5000 thousand.

At present, regular contributions to the India Mission are as follows:

  • High Point Christian Church-$425 per month
  • Osgood Christian Church – $200.00 per month
  • Hooverson Heights Church of Christ – $75.00 per month
  • Liberty Sunday School, Cairo Missouri – $78.00 per quarter
  • First Christian Church, Flora, Illinois – $25.00 per quarter
  • The total monthly contributions India Mission gets is $734.00.

The India Mission currently has three churches and one house church and three evangelists excluding Amar. Below is a picture of Amar and his family taken Christmas 2014.

india 2


Deacon Hernan Restrepo is the Missions Committee contact person for this mission.  If you have any questions, or wish to support this mission in any way, please contact email Deacon Hernan