Christmas Outreach

2015 Highpoint Christmas Eve Elves

Since 2010 High Point Christian Church has been participating in a local Christmas Outreach first started by the late Chad Crawford and his family to show God’s love and the true meaning of Christmas to those who would otherwise not have a Christmas.  In 1985 Chad and his sister adopted their first family when they heard about a family who while attending their children’s school Christmas program their rented house burnt down and they were left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.  Given they had no renters insurance this family was left destitute.  Chad heard about this family on the morning of December 18th and by the time they and their family and friends arrived in front of the family’s new apartment, they had 8 trucks full of items for the family and the Christmas Outreach was started.

Since the first family in 1985, this program has grown to serve 37 families in 2014.

Bountiful Gifts is a HUGE supporter of this program.  Bountiful Gifts members are from various local churches and organizations who all band together to make donations, purchase gifts, gather and sort gifts and groceries, wrap gifts, and on Christmas Eve morning serve as Santa or elves delivering all the goodies to local families.  We make sure that each family knows who sent us – God!  No one church or organization takes any credit for anything accomplished through this program.

We are all aware that the ONLY way we are able to continue with this program and have it grow is to allow God to work through us and give Him all the praise and glory for what we are able to accomplish in His name.


Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve 2015

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Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve 2014.

2014 Christmas

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