supplies for success Supplies for Success

Supplies for Success is our back to school program.  In our first year of this program that started in the fall of 2014, we supplies 100 students with backpacks filled with the necessary supplies for the grade they were in.  In the fall of 2015, we supplies 125 students.

As anyone with school age children knows, it can costs hundreds of dollars to prepare your child to return to school.  Between the new clothes, shoes, socks, coats and the school supplies they are required to bring with them, some parents just don’t have that amount of money.

Supplies for Success helps parents and students by providing the items listed the by child’s teacher as needed for the school year.  We also provide extras to the schools, so should throughout the school year, the supplies we provided to the student in the fall wear out, there will items to replace the worn out ones.