school lunch

School Lunch Program

As members of the Canal Fulton Christian Community we consider to be our most important projects over this past year, our school lunch program.

When we learned that if a child within the Northwest School District didn’t have money for lunch they were given a cheese sandwich (one slice of American cheese between two slices of bread) and nothing else, we were upset. When we learned that more than once a lunch tray had been taken away from a child and the lunch thrown in the trash because the child wasn’t able to pay we were appalled. And quite frankly, we hope you are too.

We decided then and there that this was NEVER to happen again, so we took action. We contacted all of the churches and asked them for a $100 donation to be deposited within a fund we set up so we could provide money to the schools which was to be used solely to purchase a lunch for a child that otherwise would have to face the ridicule of being given a cheese sandwich. You see, every child within the school district knows what it means when you are given a cheese sandwich.

If you were one of the churches that donated, please accept our deepest sincere gratitude and know that you made a difference for more than hundreds of children last school year. If you are one of the churches that somehow missed the opportunity to participate, we would hereby invite you to consider this program as part of your mission’s donations this year.

In the 2014/2015 school year, Bountiful Gifts provided $1800 to all the schools within the Northwest School District thereby providing meals for hundreds of children. More than 30% of students within the district qualify for governmental assistance with their lunches which means there are many more that don’t qualify but are right on the fringe of qualifying. These parents work hard to provide for their children, but don’t always have enough money to make it through the month. We believe, these are the children most in need of Bountiful Gifts’ lunch program.