Bountiful Gifts

logoWhat is Bountiful Gifts?

“Bringing the body of Christ together to serve others.”


Bountiful Gifts (BG) is an organization of interfaith volunteers that have come together to assist those in need and a registered non-profit IRS certified 501(3)(c)organization based in Canal Fulton, Ohio. BG takes a broad-brush approach to satisfying the wide variety of assistance that our community requires.

Bountiful Gifts strives to be a hub of information in an effort help to our fellow neighbors. We provide meals, furniture, contact names, contact numbers for organizations that can help with utility bills, meals, and transportation, just to name a few.  Some of the projects we have assisted with:

  • A Lunch Fund was formed for area schools that were serving cheese sandwiches to youth that either did not meet the government standards to receive assistance with lunch money or for students who have forgotten their lunch money. We felt it made the youth stand out and that was unacceptable to us. So, we gave money to each school within the school district and told them to use it to purchase lunches for the students that for whatever reason would otherwise not have a lunch and when they needed more money to contact us. For the 2014/2015 school year we donated more than $1800 to ensure that no child would go without lunch.    Go to School Lunch Program to learn more.
  • For Christmas 2014, Bountiful Gifts participated in an outreach that supplied local 36 families with Christmas gifts and two weeks of groceries. The children in these families receive their breakfast/lunch at school, so over the 2 week period that they are on vacation, we wanted to be sure there was plenty of food in the home to eat. We also enlisted about 10 local churches to place tags on their giving trees so we are also able to provide at least 3 gifts for each family member. We had 4 Santas and more than 50 elves deliver the gifts and groceries to the recipient’s homes accompanied by a police escort provided by the North Lawrence Police Department.     Go to Christmas Outreach to learn more.
  • For Easter 2015, we provided a weeks worth of groceries for area families whose children receive their breakfast and/or lunch at school.  We wanted to make sure that during their spring break, these children would have plenty of food to eat.    Go to Easter Outreach to learn more.
  • Bountiful Gifts collaborated with Supplies for Success in providing 125 backpacks’ to children who could otherwise not afford proper school supplies.    Go to Supplies for Success to learn more.

Bountiful Gifts would like to extend you an invitation to attend one of their monthly meetings, which are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Grace Ann Restaurant in Canal Fulton beginning at 7:30 am.   They will even buy you breakfast!

If you want or need further information about any of Bountiful Gift’s programs, please don’t hesitate to contact them at 330-828-6333 or visit them at