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In an effort to be faithful stewards with what God has entrusted us with, we want to tell you about a new service we are using to help with our calling of being generous givers called, Easy Tithe, an online tithing program.

Easy Tithe provides flexibility for you to tithe. You’ll be able to give your tithes and offerings in several different ways. We have a link here on our website where you can go to learn more. You will see that you can set up your tithing in a variety of ways, including tithing via a mobile giving app, or by text message. Part of the flexibility we are giving you is the payment method you use to give.  However, in order to save on our fees, we would ask that you set up your tithing via your checking or saving account NOT a debit or credit card.

Setting up an automatic tithing program helps all of us to develop better tithing habits. Online tithing helps us be better stewards because we no longer have to worry about bringing our tithe to church, or sending it before we leave on vacation or mailing it in because with Easy Tithe you are able to set up recurring tithes and offerings.  This is much the same as paying your bills online, but it’s not just paying a bill, it’s being obedient to God and fulfilling what He calls us to do.

Tithing is truly a worship experience, and online tithing can enrich that experience. Without it, we may miss out on an incredible way of becoming more like Christ, both as individuals and as members of His Church.

Prayer Warrior Team

Prayer Chain image

All of us here at High Point take prayer very serious because we know the power it possess.  Therefore, the purpose of our Prayer Chain is to get our prayers out to our group and the Lord and to let people know that we are getting prayers going for them. Whether it be for healing, safe travel, an operation, or death of a loved one, we want to pray for you. Whatever the prayers are needed for, there is no limit to what the Lord can handle. The Lord leads us to come before Him in prayer.


If you are in need of prayers, you may submit your prayer request in one of three ways.  You may call Patty Morris at or you may email your prayer request to Prayers@HighPointChristian.org or you can use the contact form below to submit your request.  We are honored to be able to pray for you.